08 Mar 2015
March 8, 2015

Your Religion, My Religion, or No Religion

How much, and what type of religious content will be in the wedding ceremony is something that any couple should discuss with their officiant but it becomes even more important when asking a friend or family member to perform the ceremony. 

To get a personal ceremony that reflects the couple, the amount and type of religious wording used in the ceremony should reflect the couple.  If the family member or friend performing the ceremony is more religious and creates a ceremony reflecting their level and/or type of religion, it might be beautiful to them but at best it might be awkward for the couple and at worst, offensive.   On the other end of the stick, if the couple is much more religious than the friend or family member who is officiating, the said officiant might not feel comfortable with the amount or type of religion that the couple wants in their ceremony.  This could cause an issue since any officiant is better able to deliver a ceremony when the words coming out of their mouth are “comfortable”.  

Our recommendation is that after the initial asking of, and acceptance by, a friend or family member, the couple and the chosen friend or family member sit down and have a discussion.  The chat should be focused around how the couple wants their ceremony to feel including the level and type of religion they want in the ceremony.   There are plenty of readings and pieces at all levels that can be used in the ceremony which should allow for achieving the right feel.   This is also a good first check point to make sure the couple is comfortable with how the ceremony is going to progress and the friend or family member is comfortable that they can deliver the ceremony the couple wants.

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