11 May 2016
May 11, 2016

You Only Get One Shot at a Wedding Ceremony…Be Prepared!

As we all have learned, probably from not being prepared, the first few times you do anything it is always good to be over prepared.  Now let us take that thought one step further and talk about something you only get one shot at…a wedding ceremony.

If you have never been an officiant before, or even if you have done it once or twice, I can guarantee you that being over prepared will make your role in the wedding day better for the couple, and less stressful on you.   Part of the Officiant’s job is to make sure to start the ceremony planning early and get everything done, in regards to the ceremony, in time to practice and be prepared.   Even if the couple is taking care of writing the ceremony, the officiant should still be following up and making sure that the ceremony is being prepared on a certain timeline so that they will have the proper amount of time to practice.

I have heard stories of the ceremony not being completed until a day or two before the wedding.    If you think about it, that scenario gives the friend, family member, or new officiant very little time to practice, tweak, and perfect the wedding ceremony.  If you have ever tried to give a speech when you are unprepared, you know that there are usually two outcomes – 1) you need to read the entire thing, which means less emotion from – and thus impact in – the words you are saying, or 2) you decide to ad-lib much of the speech, which means missed words and the potential to say something not completely wedding ceremony safe.

I know that it is the couple’s big day and it feels “wrong” to bother them, however, whenever in doubt, just remember that this is a wedding ceremony, which means that you, and the couple, only get one shot at it.

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