23 Apr 2015
April 23, 2015

Words are Powerful – Wedding Ceremony Wording

In previous blog posts, I have written about how to create a religious feel in the wedding ceremony that matches the couple.  However, what about the “standard pieces” of the ceremony, like the end of aisle question or the pronouncement?   Do the words used matter?

When performing a wedding ceremony, it is our belief that every piece of the ceremony is part of the overall feel and thus will be seen as reflecting the couple being celebrated.  This means that the couple and person who is performing the wedding ceremony should discuss the feel, and then whoever is writing the wedding ceremony needs to select pieces that fit that feel.   Below are a couple of examples of standard wedding ceremony pieces and for each one, two options and how each option feels.

The end of aisle question –
Who gives this woman away in marriage?  Traditional feeling.
Who supports this woman as she joins this man in marriage?   Modern feeling.

The kiss intro wording –
Mark, you may now kiss your bride.  Traditional feeling.
Mark and John, you may now celebrate your marriage with a kiss.  Modern feeling.

For both of the above, either choice is completely fine, as would other choices.  These examples are meant to show that every piece within the ceremony can be written to fit the couple and to reflect the feel and tone that they want from their wedding ceremony.  Enjoy figuring that out together!

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