23 May 2016
May 23, 2016

Who has the Microphone – Others Involved in Your Wedding Ceremony

This blog post is actually directed more to the couples getting married than it is to their chosen wedding Officiant.   In our previous blog post, we discussed owning the microphone as the Officiant, but what happens when you give the microphone to someone else during the ceremony, such as for a reading or blessing?  Well, as you can imagine, the person who has the microphone is in control of what comes out of the corresponding speakers.   Usually this is not a problem, and it is quite an honor for a family member or friend to come up and participate in your ceremony.   However, since it can sometimes be an issue, here are few tips and hints…

When it comes to having someone do a reading or blessing during the ceremony, we highly recommend that you as the couple either pick the reading or require the reader to send you, in advance, a copy of what they will be reading.  It is your ceremony and what is read should fit you, your relationship, the way you view marriage, etc.

You should be prepared for the unexpected, the not so great, or even the last minute “this reading isn’t happening” message.  As professional Officiants, we have seen family members or friends go off script (sometimes dramatically so) or read something not sent to the couple beforehand; we have seen family members or friends who are so nervous that the reading is not done very well; and we have had situations where the family member or friend bows out at the last minute.   Don’t get me wrong, none of these are reasons you should automatically say no to having people participate in your wedding ceremony… it is just meant to be a warning that when you give someone a mic, they are then in control.

Finally, if you are having someone sing a song during your wedding ceremony, just understand that it will feel “long,” especially if nothing else is going on within the ceremony at the same time.  So we usually recommend having them do so during the procession or recession, or maybe when there is something in the ceremony like a sand ceremony or presenting flowers to the mothers.  Again, not a reason to not have someone sing, just a piece of advice when considering it.

We are all for involving friends and family in the wedding day since it is not only a special day for you, but also a special day for family and close friends who are there to celebrate with you.  Just remember, along with having them participate in the ceremony, there are multiple other ways to involve them that might fit the person, and the situation, better, such as giving them a toast at the reception or having them sing when you do your first dance.

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