17 Jul 2015
July 17, 2015

What Pieces Make Up a Wedding Ceremony?

When creating a wedding ceremony, one of the big questions first time and newer officiants ask is, “what pieces or parts are necessary in a wedding ceremony, and what else can be added to make the ceremony special?”  Well, let’s start with what is needed in the wedding ceremony.   The only thing that is “required” by most states are some sort of vows and a pronouncement.  Yes, it is that simple… a vows question asked of each of the bride and the groom (or both brides or both grooms) to show intent to be married, and a sentence or two pronouncing the couple as married, and voila, they are married.   However, that would not make for much of a wedding ceremony in front of friends and family, and even many elopement couples would prefer at least a little more.   So, what can you add to a ceremony to make it personal, meaningful, and beautiful?

Usually we recommend that you start with an introduction, add a reading or two within the ceremony, and maybe some personal words/stories about the couple (nothing embarrassing, though).  Of course you will need some sort of vows and a ring exchange is almost a given, plus a closing that mirrors the sentiment of the opening is always nice, then you can’t forget the required pronouncement, and finally you can have them kiss (not necessary, but almost always good) and finish by announcing or presenting the married couple, if they choose.   Do you need to do everything mentioned?  Of course not.  Depending on the length of ceremony you are aiming for, and the personality of the couple, you should select which pieces fit best as you work through creating the ceremony.

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