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Are you working with a couple who is having a friend or family member officiate their wedding? Have you seen the problems this can cause?  Let Asked to Officiate help you, help your couple.

We know that wedding professionals end up getting multiple questions and are sometimes put in a tough spot when the friend or family member doesn’t know what to write for the ceremony, or how long it should be, or even how to lead the ceremony. We also know that in the past you may have seen the five-minute ceremony, had the friend or family member flake at the last minute, or watched a drunk uncle try to perform the wedding ceremony.

Our vision at Asked to Officiate is no bad wedding ceremonies, and thus we have taken what we have learned during our many years of officiating and created very effective, yet easy to use, products and services specifically developed for the couple asking a friend or family member and the person who is being asked.

What do we offer to help your couple?

Asked to Officiate offers the following products and services that will help your couple, whether they are starting from step one in the ceremony creation process, or are part way there and just need some extra assistance.

+ The Asked to Officiate Workbook – an easy to use 110-page ”instruction manual” that walks the couple and their chosen Officiant through the creation, and presentation, of a beautiful, meaningful, and personal ceremony. Covers everything from making it legal, to writing the ceremony, to ceremony presentation and logistics. The workbook even comes with over a hundred pre-written pieces that can be cut-out and used to produce the perfect ceremony.

+ Ceremony Writing Services – two levels of ceremony writing services in which we use our proven process to create a personalized, or even completely custom, wedding ceremony for your couple.

+ Ceremony Creation Quick Guide – downloadable document with pages of information on the proper structure of a ceremony and the how/why in regards to the pieces within the structure.

+ Ceremony Logistics Quick Guide – downloadable document with pages of information on how to manage the logistical pieces such as standing, sitting, vows, ring exchange, etc.

What do we offer to help you?

Asked to Officiate has a partner program for wedding pros. There is no cost or obligation to the program and as a partner, you will be provided with a discount code that is unique to you. Every couple that uses your code to purchase an Asked to Officiate product or service gets a 20% discount, and each time your code is used, we enter you into a quarterly drawing for a $50 cash prize as a token of our appreciation.  We will also provide you with a partners’ e-mail address that you can use to email us ceremony questions that you don’t know how, or don’t have time, to answer. To get your personal discount code and become part of the partner program, please e-mail Jason@askedtoofficiate.com.

Written by award-winning officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel.

All Asked to Officiate products are written by award-winning, 5-star reviewed, wedding Officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel. In designing the workbook and quick guides, she used her comprehensive knowledge and experience of officiating over 600 weddings to provide a simple process for preparing and presenting a wonderful ceremony.


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