17 Aug 2017
August 17, 2017

Wedding Ceremony Writing Advice and Assistance

We not only officiate over 100 weddings per year, we also write wedding ceremonies through Asked to Officiates ceremony writing services.  These helpful services are for couples who have asked a friend or family member to officiate their wedding ceremony yet neither the bride or groom, or the friend or family member, is capable or has the time to actually write the ceremony.   And although these writing services can be a great value and provide a couple a personal and beautiful wedding ceremony, many couples either want to write the ceremony themselves or the friend or family member who is officiating wants to write the ceremony.

If you are the couple, or the friend or family member who wants to write the wedding ceremony, here are a few quick tips to get you started –

Do create a ceremony that is about 20 minutes long (not including procession and recession).  This should be the time frame you aim for as you start to build the ceremony.  Once you get the ceremony written you may end up with a ceremony that is a bit shorter or a bit longer, but by aiming for a specific time, you can focus on finding pieces that fit you and fit the time length.  Note that if at all possible we do not recommend a wedding ceremony that is over 30 minutes or under 15 minutes (unless it is an elopement).

Don’t start with a blank sheet of paper and try to start writing from scratch.  Instead, spend some of your time to search the internet and find readings, vows ideas, ring exchange wording, and even complete wedding ceremonies, and tweak and build the ceremony from there.   Or, you can purchase the Asked to Officiate workbook which contains a large number of pre-written pieces and start to finish guidance for wedding ceremony creation and even wedding ceremony delivery.

Do start writing the ceremony as early as possible.  This reduces stress for both the couple and the friend or family member, independent of who is actually writing the wedding ceremony.   Starting early allows for the couple and friend or family member to not rush and have time review the ceremony and make sure it fits not only the couple, but the friend or family member who is delivering the wedding ceremony.   Trust us when we say that a non-religious brother is not really going to want to deliver a completely religious wedding ceremony and yet a religious couple is probably going to want some religion in the ceremony even if their brother is non-religious… by knowing early, adjustments can be made, even if that includes finding someone else to deliver, or help deliver, the ceremony.

For more advice in regards to writing the wedding ceremony, check out our past blog posts or purchase one of the many products and services we offer here.

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