08 Mar 2017
March 8, 2017

Wedding Ceremony Officiant Communication

When having a professional Officiant, or a friend or family member, perform a wedding ceremony, a certain amount of communication between the couple and the Officiant should be scheduled right from the beginning.   We recommend that at the very least, an initial meeting to discuss the basics of the ceremony – length, tone, timeline, etc. and, a three to four week out from the wedding meeting to make sure everything is progressing as planned and there is nothing to worry about.

The initial meeting should be in person or over the phone and it is our preference that it includes only the Officiant and the couple (no mothers, planners, friends, etc.).  When we do a meeting with one of our couples, we require that both the bride and the groom (or both brides or both grooms) attend since the ceremony being created should fit both of them and thus we want input from both.  This initial meeting should happen pretty early on…if working with a professional Officiant, the meeting should happen before booking or right after and if working with a friend or family member the meeting should happen pretty quickly after that friend or family member says yes to performing the ceremony.  The reason the meeting should happen early is so that everyone is on the same page, and if not, changes can be discussed/made.

The three to four week out from the wedding meeting should be between the Officiant and either the bride or the groom, or both.  This meeting can be in person or via a phone call and doesn’t need to be anything formal or long.  Just a check in to make sure whoever is writing the ceremony is either done or will be done in plenty of time, the logistics behind any of the main ceremony pieces are worked out, the license has been picked up by the couple, etc.

In our opinion, this is the minimal amount of communication that should happen (although we would recommend more).  To learn more, pick up our ceremony creation workbook for our full recommendations and many other ceremony creation and delivery tips and recommended best practices.

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