28 Feb 2017
February 28, 2017

Wedding Ceremony 101 – The Basics

As we make our way into the 2017 wedding season I thought it would be good time to go through what we consider some of the basics in regards to creating and delivering a wedding ceremony.

  • The ceremony length should be around 20 minutes. We, and many other Officiants, have found that between 15 and 25 minutes works well.  It allows time to truly celebrate the couple and it allows for the Officiant to set and manage the tone of ceremony in the way the couple wants, however, it is not too long which causes guests to fade out which reduces the impact of the ceremony.
  • The Officiant should have the ceremony in front of them, either on paper or an electronic device (e.g. an iPad). And any readings and vows being read by someone other than the Officiant should be printed out and handed to person reading it either before the ceremony or at the time they are supposed to read it.  No memorization or winging it during a wedding ceremony!
  • The Officiant should have all stage notes in the ceremony. From simple things like when to tell the guest to rise and to sit within the procession to more complex movements such as a hand fasting ceremony.  Italicize them, put them in a different color, or put them in parenthesis…all that matters is that they aren’t forgotten and the best way to do that is to have them in the ceremony version the Officiant is using on the day of.   Again, no memorization or winging it during a wedding ceremony!
  • Practice, practice, practice, and enjoy. The Officiant should practice the ceremony until they feel very comfortable delivering it.  As mentioned above, no need to memorize it but being familiar and comfortable with the ceremony means the delivery of it will be much more natural and allow for the emotion of the words to come through.  Being very comfortable with the wedding ceremony will make the delivery much more enjoyable and that joy will transfer to the couple and the guests.

The above is a good base to start with…now read some of our other posts and purchase our wedding ceremony creation workbook to build from this base to an incredible wedding ceremony that the couple and the guests will love!

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