26 Nov 2016
November 26, 2016

To Write or Not to Write the Wedding Ceremony, That is the Question

It doesn’t matter whether you are the couple who is asking a friend or family member to perform their wedding ceremony or you are the friend of family member who said yes and will be delivering it… someone will need to actually write the wedding ceremony.  Containing approximately 20 minutes of content that should be personal, meaningful, fun, and mushy, a wedding ceremony needs to be well thought out and well written.   So, what are your options? 

1)  You Write It – If the couple and/or the friend or family member is planning to write the ceremony, we recommend using our workbook (an easy to use, step by step guide created for this very occasion), or at the least some other resource to help with what should be in ceremony and ways the ceremony could be structured.  Once the structure of the ceremony is in place, there are plenty of reading, vows, and additional component ideas that can be found in our workbook, or online (just need to be willing to spend some time searching).  Oh, and don’t forget to start the ceremony creation process early since I can guarantee it will take time to figure everything out and you don’t want to be rushed.

2)  Someone Else Writes It – If a friend or family member wants to deliver the ceremony but doesn’t want to, or isn’t able to, write it, you can always pay someone to create the ceremony for you (we offer a couple levels of ceremony writing services here).   If you decide to have someone else write it for you, it is our recommendation that you find a person/service that asks pertinent questions in advance and uses the answers to create a ceremony that, as much as possible, fits the couple.

3)  Find a Pre-Written Ceremony Online – There are sites online that have complete ceremony samples.  Some sites will have more religious/traditional ceremonies while others will be more non-religious/modern thus you should be able to find one that will fill the need.   Obviously, this is the least personal option but if you are ok with something generic and/or need a ceremony quickly, this is a way to go.   

No matter which way you choose, our standard recommendations apply… the ceremony should be around 15-20 minutes in length and the ceremony should fit the couple.

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