20 Apr 2017
April 20, 2017

There is no “I” in Wedding Team

As a professional Officiant I know how important it is to communicate with the other wedding professionals working on a couples wedding day and I thought it would be helpful to the friends and family members who are performing a wedding ceremony, as well as professional Officiants who are just starting out, if I covered a bit of the what and the why.   Let’s just start by saying that although not everyone may be friendly or easy to work with, everyone who is taking part in the wedding wants the day to run smoothly and by the professionals working together it has a much better chance of happening.  Although the Officiants part of the wedding day happens during a very defined time period and the focus during that time is the Officiant, there are other vendors who are doing their part at the same time; the planner/venue person, the DJ, the photographer(s), and the videographer(s). As the Officiant, you need to be in sync with these vendors and vice-versa.

On the day of the wedding, when I arrive onsite, I find the onsite planner/venue person to not only make sure the ceremony specific needs are taken care of but to also ask about the procession and recession (if I was not able to make the rehearsal), see if they want me to make any announcements before or after the ceremony, and see if there is anything else they need from me.  I then find the person managing the ceremony music and my microphone, this is usually the DJ but not always.  Once found, I get mic’d up and also communicate with them if I will be making any announcement before the ceremony starts (e.g. mute or turn off cell phones), what will be the last words in the ceremony (cue to start the recessional music), and if I am making any after ceremony announcements.  I then find the photographer(s) and videographer(s) to let them know anything special going on during the ceremony that might have the couple moving or doing something unique.  In addition, the photographer(s) might want to know when and where we are signing the license after the ceremony and the videographer might need to mic me up.  As you can see, by the wedding professionals communicating, it makes the wedding day smoother and better for the couple getting married and their guests…exactly what we all want!

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