22 Feb 2017
February 22, 2017

The Who and What of Writing a Wedding Ceremony

I will admit that in this blog post, along with our usual no cost helpful information, there is a little shameless plugging of our products because when it comes to the writing of a wedding ceremony that is being delivered by a friend or family member, you do have some options.

The first option is to search online and find an already written ceremony that does the job.  There are quite a few sites which have sample ceremonies you can grab that are free and either complete ceremonies, or mostly complete.  Of course with this option the ceremony is going to be generic…however, if all the couple is looking for is something easy and the ceremony is not that important, this is a perfectly valid option.  If you do go this route, we highly recommend purchasing our ceremony logistics quick guide download (shameless plug #1) to provide the friend or family member and the couple with all the logistical information related to the delivery of the wedding ceremony (and there is quite a bit that can make the whole day so much easier and better).

The second option is for the couple and/or the chosen friend or family member to write the wedding ceremony themselves.  This requires more work but you end up with a ceremony that is personal and the words said during the ceremony reflect the couples beliefs and their relationship.  If you go this route, you can write from scratch however, we recommend buying our Asked to Officiate ceremony creation workbook (shameless plug #2) which walks you through every step of the ceremony creation process and gives you a large number of pre-written pieces that can be selected to make life easier while still personalizing the ceremony using pieces that fit the couple.  Oh, and the workbook also contains all the logistical information in regards to delivering the wedding ceremony.

The third option is to pay a professional to write the wedding ceremony.  Having done over 750 wedding ceremonies it was a no-brainer for us to offer two ceremony writing service options (shameless plug #3) with one option giving you a personalized ceremony and the other option giving you a completely custom wedding ceremony.  However, if you are looking to work with someone in person, there will most likely be a few local wedding Officiants who offer ceremony writing services, just remember to do a little research to find someone who’s style matches the couple so that the ceremony has a much better chance of being personal and meaningful.

From our perspective, the choice comes down to understanding the value of the ceremony for a particular couple.  Obviously, we think the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day and we know that if done right, the ceremony will make the day amazing for both the couple and their guests.

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