02 Jul 2015
July 2, 2015

Should You Say Yes or Just Say No

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, being asked to perform a wedding ceremony, or even do a reading within the wedding ceremony, is a great honor but also a great responsibility.   Thus, we recommend that the friend or family member asked should take some time and think about what is involved and how they feel about the task before answering to the couple.  And when the question is answered, it is okay for the person asked to say I am so honored that you asked but I am too shy, or nervous, or overwhelmed, or not a great reader, or not good in front of crowds or even, I’m going to be too drunk… so thank you so much for asking but I think I am going to pass.

Ok, maybe you can be a bit more wordy and/or gracious in your response, but you get the point.  I recently had a wedding ceremony in which originally the couple was going to have both their fathers get up and do a reading.   I am not sure if it was for good or bad, but at one point in the planning, one of the fathers said that he really didn’t feel comfortable reading in front of all the guests so instead, the reading was still in the ceremony but I, as the officiant, read it.   I know it is a hard thing to turn down such a wonderful request from a good friend or family member, however, just remember, the wedding day is a very special day for the couple and the wedding ceremony is the part where everyone is focused on those speaking, so if you don’t feel comfortable being up there, please just say no.  You will feel better, and the ceremony will be better because of it.

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