04 Jan 2017
January 4, 2017

Selecting an Officiant for Your Wedding

As a new year begins, we know there are many recently engaged couples who are beginning the process of hiring their wedding vendors.  And although there are some differences when hiring a professional wedding officiant vs. asking a friend or family member, I wanted to list a couple of recommendations that apply to either.

1)      Hire or ask someone who fits your personality, has relatively the same world view, and is someone you can envision standing in front of you and pronouncing you as husband and wife, or wife and wife, or husband and husband.   Your wedding ceremony will probably be, on average, about 20 minutes and that time should be one of, if not the most special 20 minutes of your wedding day.

2)      Don’t wait until the last minute to hire or ask.  Waiting until the last minute adds stress, and increases the chance that the person you really want to do the wedding won’t be available or won’t feel that they have the time to create the ceremony you deserve.  We recommend that the Officiant selection process begins at least 6 months before your wedding and a person is chosen at least 4 months before.  These time frames, if possible, give plenty of time to create a beautiful, personal, and meaningful wedding ceremony while taking into consideration daily life and other wedding planning tasks.

Since most people reading this blog are thinking about asking, or have asked, a friend or family member to officiate, I did want to add that you, and the person you ask, should understand that it is a pretty big deal.  I know that should go without saying, but having been an Officiant for many years and done many weddings, I can tell you that a great ceremony is well worth the time and effort.  Happy New Year!!!

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