22 May 2015
May 22, 2015

4 Rules to Remember When Saying Yes

I am not referring to the question of will you marry me; I am referring to the question of will you marry us – more specifically, will you create and deliver our wedding ceremony. If you say yes, know that officiating a wedding ceremony for a friend or family member is a true honor, and we feel that as long as you follow the 4 rules below, it will be a fun and positive experience that you will never forget.

1) Don’t wait until the last minute – From the moment you said yes, you agreed to something that is a very big deal. Creating a ceremony takes time, especially if you are trying to personalize it so that it is meaningful to the couple. And, we know from stories that have been shared with us that no couple wants the stress of getting close to their wedding date and not knowing what is going on with their ceremony.

2) Remember, it is all about the couple – This is the time to put your ideas, ego, religion, and any need you may have to be the center of attention, aside. Yes, you will want to deliver the wedding ceremony with enthusiasm and feeling, however, always remember that the words spoken should represent the couple, that nothing you say during the ceremony should embarrass the couple, and that the couple is the focus of the ceremony.

3) Practice – The old adage, practice makes perfect does apply to delivering a wedding ceremony. We are not saying that you need to memorize the entire ceremony – it is definitely okay to have it printed in front of you, or on a tablet, for you to read from, and we actually highly encourage it to avoid problems when your nerves kick in in front of everyone. However, the more comfortable you are with the words you will say, the better – and with more emotion and meaning – you will say them.  And as a plus, during the practice of the ceremony, you will find that you make minor changes to make it flow and sound better.

4) And most important, have fun – Although creating and delivering a wedding ceremony will require effort, and create at least a bit of stress somewhere in the process, performing a wedding ceremony for a friend or family member is an amazing and rewarding experience that none of you will forget.

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