14 Apr 2017
April 14, 2017

Religious Piece, Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the difference between a religious wedding ceremony, a non-religious wedding ceremony, and a non-religious wedding ceremony with a touch of religion added in for the sake of the couple or their families.   From our perspective, if a couple are of the same faith and want a religious ceremony, easy enough.  If they are of different faiths but want a religious ceremony, a bit more forethought but of course can be done (for example, mentioning God is OK but don’t mention Jesus).  And then there are the many couples who describe themselves as either interfaith, non-religious, or grew up religious but are removed, or mostly removed from that upbringing.

These are the couples we most often work with and these are the couples most often asking a friend or family member to perform their wedding ceremony.  And thus, this is where we focused our workbook and other wedding ceremony assistance products.   These couples often want a ceremony that is completely non-religious or mostly non-religious with a “pinch” of religion added in.  For the pinch of religion, we recommend using something that is religious but love and/or relationship focused since it will allow the Officiant to keep the flow and tone of the ceremony (our couples often choose Corinthians in this scenario).   We recommend not using something that is very specific to one religion unless the couple has approved it or they are both of that religious belief.  And, if the couple is not religious and are adding it for a family member, put the religious piece early in the ceremony so the family member hears it quickly and remembers it, but the couple doesn’t remember it as much because the rest of the ceremony has the tone and feel they wanted.

The ceremony should reflect the couple so it is OK  to want to put in a religious piece or two as a way to honor how they were raised or even placate a family member and yet still get the overall wedding ceremony the couple wants.

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