18 Jul 2017
July 18, 2017

Performed a Ceremony, Loved Doing It, Want More

In many of our previous blog posts, we discuss the importance of the task of Officiating a wedding ceremony and how, if a friend or family member being asked isn’t really sure they want to do it, they shouldn’t, or at least shouldn’t say yes without some further thinking and research.   We also discuss the responsibility, the nervousness, and the pressure that goes along with being such a huge part of couples wedding day.   Yet, as those that have performed a wedding ceremony can tell you, it is very much worth doing since it is an honor, a whole lot of fun, and what a great feeling it leaves you with when you are the one who gets to celebrate a wonderful couple on such a special day!

If you have performed a wedding ceremony and you found it to be an awesome experience, maybe you are thinking about doing it again.   Maybe you are even thinking about making it a business.   I know this feeling all too well and it is what led to creation of my wedding Officiant business.  So, if you are thinking about starting your own, I thought I would provide you a few pieces of advice.

  • A wedding Officiant business is not going to be a huge money making venture but you can make a part-time income or with the right business setup and pricing, even a full-time living.  Note that most Officiants are solo in their business but some do have a couple people working for them and there are even a few Officiant services with larger number of Officiants working under the same business.
  • However you decide to structure, it will be a business and thus you need to have some understanding of business setup, marketing, customer service, and at least a few other things if you are going to have much success at it.
  • Not every couple is going to be as great or as nice or as much your style or….well you get the point.  Being a business means seeking ideal couples (ones that fit you) but not always getting them.   However, no matter the couple, it is now your job to celebrate them as well as you would celebrate a couple who is your perfect style.

These are just a few pieces of advice and please note that they are not meant to scare you away from starting an Officiant Business, instead they are meant to give you some valid things to think about before you expend additional time and money and find out it is not right for you.

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