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Your friend or family member asked you to officiate one of the most important events in their life and you said yes.  Now what?

You could spend hours and hours online visiting multiple sites looking for information on how to become ordained, options for vows and readings, obscure traditions that fit the couple, and figuring out the logistical details you need to know, or you can simply purchase Asked to Officiate products and services.

Not sure what to do or even where to start?

The Asked to Officiate workbook will be an indispensable tool to instruct you on the entire ceremony preparation and presentation process. Within the workbook, there is comprehensive information to help you through:

  • How to make it legal – figuring out the legalities, etc.
  • Writing the ceremony – what should the structure be, how long of a ceremony, etc.
  • Preparing to present the ceremony– how should the ceremony be printed, tips to smooth delivery, etc.
  • Managing ceremony logistics – what should you do in regards to standing and sitting, what to do with rings, flowers, etc.

The ceremony creation chapter within the workbook breaks the ceremony down into manageable pieces, and for each piece, provides you pre-written choices. You can literally cut and paste the ceremony together with only a small amount of editing.

Just need help in a specific area related to preparing or presenting the ceremony?

Writing your own content but not sure of the structure and pieces within a wedding ceremony?
purchase our Ceremony Creation Quick Guide.

Ceremony is already prepared but you are not sure how to manage the logistics (sit, stand, ring exchange, etc.)?
purchase our Ceremony Logistics Quick Guide.

Overwhelmed and just would prefer to have us write the ceremony for you?
purchase our Ceremony Writing Services.

Anyway you look at it, Asked to Officiate has you covered.

Written by award-winning officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel.
Asked to Officiate products and services are indispensable tools to a perfect ceremony and are written by award-winning, 5 star reviewed, wedding officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel. In designing and producing the workbook and quick guides, she used her comprehensive knowledge and experience from officiating over 600 weddings to provide you a simple process for preparing and presenting a wonderful ceremony. Having started her officiating career by doing her brother’s wedding, Bethel knows what you are going through.

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