16 Feb 2017
February 16, 2017

Officiant and the Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

When you are a professional Officiant, your business processes and your discussions with the couple getting married usually determine if you are going to attend the rehearsal.  However, if you are the friend or family member who is performing the ceremony, it is our recommendation that you definitely plan to attend the rehearsal (if at all possible).  Although the rehearsal should not include reading the ceremony it is important for a first time or relatively new Officiant since a large focus during the rehearsal is the logistical run through of the ceremony…basically how the procession is going to work, what is going to happen during the ceremony, and how the recession is going to work.

Attending the rehearsal helps the friend or family member who is officiating and the couple in a few very important ways.  It allows the Officiant to get familiar with the ceremony site and provides time to practice the logistics involved in the ceremony.   It allows the Officiant to meet the venue person and/or wedding planner and discuss anything involved in the ceremony, confirming everyone is on the same page.  And, it reduces the nervousness (usually) of not only the Officiant but also the couple since practice of the logistics and discussion of the ceremony will make everyone more comfortable by confirming that it will go smoothly on the wedding day.

If there is no wedding planner or venue person helping with the rehearsal, we recommend purchasing our ceremony creation workbook which covers the steps necessary when leading a rehearsal and recommendations for procession, recession, and other ceremony logistics.

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