12 Apr 2015
April 12, 2015

It’s Personal… Putting the You in Your Wedding Ceremony

We hear all of the time that one of the main reasons couples ask their friend or family member to perform their wedding ceremony is because they want the ceremony to be personal.  And many couples figure that no one can make their ceremony more personal than a good friend or a close family member.   In many instances this is true, however, here are a couple of additional recommendations to help make sure the wedding ceremony is “properly” personal.

The officiant needs to remember that the ceremony should not to be done like a toast, or worse, a roast.    The goal should be that the wedding ceremony provides the guests an inside peek at the couple’s relationship story without embarrassing the couple.  A perfect way this can be done is by the officiant asking the couple to each answer questions about their relationship (e.g. how do you describe _____ to others when they are hearing about him/her for the first time?).   We recommend having the couple answer the questions separately as that allows the officiant to bring both “voices” into the ceremony.  The officiant can then weave these stories into the ceremony among the other pieces to create a ceremony that will resonate on a personal level with the couple and the guests.

Oh, and along with the mushy/lovely parts of the couple’s story, it is okay to use parts of the stories that are light-hearted and humorous, but you just want to make sure it doesn’t cross the line.   If in doubt, just remember the grandma filter and think, “if I shared this, would grandma be upset?”  Leave everything else for the toasts

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