29 Mar 2017
March 29, 2017

Ingredients for Writing a Wedding Ceremony

When we meet with our couples, we always have the “what can go into a wedding ceremony” discussion since most couples haven’t done this before and are looking to the Officiant for guidance.  Of course, since most people reading this post are either couples getting married or first time officiants, let’s start with the fact that almost all ceremonies includes vows, a ring exchange, a pronouncement, and hopefully a kiss, but what else can make up a wedding ceremony?  We find when writing a wedding ceremony, it works well to start with opening words (usually a couple paragraphs) which set the tone of the ceremony and end with closing words (also usually a couple paragraphs) that help wrap the ceremony up and also end the ceremony on the same tone as it started.  In between is where it is up to Officiant and the couple to work together to include or write pieces that fit the couple and that end up giving the ceremony the “taste” the couple wants.

Anyone who has been to a religious wedding knows that you can add in scripture or other religious readings but what else can be used?  We feel you can use almost any piece that fits and works with the tone you are trying to set.  I have had couples who wanted their ceremony to be light-hearted so we used a Dr. Seuss piece while I have had other couples who wanted something deeper and thus we used Pablo Neruda poems.   I have also had couples use other poems, song lyrics, quotes, lines from movies, etc.   While most brides and grooms still want a beautiful ceremony that befits their wedding, they also want their ceremony to be unique and to fit them.   This is why our Asked to Officiate workbook doesn’t just have a few pre-written ceremonies, it instead breaks the wedding ceremony down into pieces and offers multiple options for each piece so the ceremony being written will fit the couple from beginning to end…a wedding ceremony that is not only beautiful but personal and something that will be remembered!

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