26 Apr 2017
April 26, 2017

Have A Hankering to Write the Wedding Ceremony?

When we created our Asked to Officiate workbook, we made sure to include multiple pre-written examples for each section of the wedding ceremony including opening words, vows, ceremony pieces, etc.  We included these pieces in the workbook and point out that there are many more pre-written pieces and even full wedding ceremonies online since most people either don’t want to write or aren’t very good writers.   But let’s just say that you do fancy yourself a writer and you want to take a crack at writing some, or all of the wedding ceremony, then here is some advice.

  • Make sure the tone of what you are writing fits the tone the couple is looking for in their ceremony. If they say they want a ceremony that is light-hearted, it probably wouldn’t fit to write a piece that is deep and ethereal.   However, sometimes that advice contradicts with another piece of advice which is, what you write should come from you, and be honest to you, because you need to be able to deliver the words with the emotion they deserve.  If there is a contradiction, either you need to find pre-written pieces that do fit you and the couple or recommend that the couple have someone else do their ceremony.
  • Make your words flow and go with the flow. As mentioned in number 1, the pieces should fit the tone the couple is looking for but they should also flow well.  What I mean by this is not only should the words flow well within the pieces you write but they should, if possible, flow well from one piece to another and fit wherever they end up within the ceremony.  For example, there is a reading entitled Union that many of our couples love and although it would work almost anywhere in the ceremony, it works perfectly as a lead into a couple’s vows.
  • Don’t embarrass the couple and don’t use marriage facts, or opinion, that would be considered negative. For example, you should not be bringing up how many marriages fail or that the moment you get married, the fun is over.  Even if that has been your experience, it should not be something said during someone else’s special day.

I know it is tough to write without what you are writing reflecting your views and yes, what you write should not feel false but you always have to remember that this is not the Officiant’s day, or even moment, it all belongs to the couple getting married!

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