03 Jun 2015
June 3, 2015

Family and Friends Involved in the Wedding Ceremony – Options

When creating a wedding ceremony, many couples ask if there are ways to get their family, friends, or in some cases, all their guests involved in the ceremony. The simple answer…yes there are.

Whether you are a hired officiant, or a family member or friend who has been asked to perform the wedding ceremony, know that there are actually multiple ways to involve the wedding guests. Naturally, most couples will invite some of the guests to participate by having them be part of the wedding party, but here are some other ways guests can be included in the ceremony.

A family/friends blessing is an easy way and is done as a small piece (reading) in which the officiant performing the ceremony explains the importance and honor of family and friends to the couple and then asks a question, or multiple questions, of support to the guests (similar to the end of aisle question).

A ring warming and stone blessing are ceremony components that can be added to the ceremony that involve all guests without too much logistical hassle. For example, a ring warming is where the actual wedding rings are passed around, in a small bag or container, and each guest is asked to add their blessing and good wishes to the rings. It is explained that since the couple will wear these rings throughout their marriage, they will have these blessings and good wishes always with them.

If the couple is wanting to honor specific guests during the wedding ceremony, the officiant can invite an individual or two up to do a reading during the ceremony, or someone can even be asked to sing during the procession or recession. There are also ceremony components such as a hand fasting, sand ceremony, or wine blending, which can be added to the wedding ceremony to involve small groups of people. These can be done when the couple wants to involve parents, grandparents, kids from a previous marriage, etc.

We always find that taking wedding guests from witnesses to participants, even if only in a small way, increases the meaningfulness of the wedding ceremony for everyone and is well worth the effort.

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