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You have asked a friend or family member to officiate your wedding ceremony. Now what?

“You saved the day! When my dear friends asked me to officiate their wedding, I was so honored, excited… And scared!  Talk about pressure! How do I make the most important day of their life special, intimate, personalized and flow nicely from the beginning march to the kiss?  Your workbook is genius! It gave me all the ideas and verbiage for what to say and when….Being able to easily customize the ceremony took such a load off my mind – because I am NOT a good writer!-, and the couple LOVED it! Thank you, thank you! Much LOVE!!!!” –  Jenny Driessen

Whether you are writing the ceremony, collaborating on the ceremony or leaving the writing to the person you have asked, let us help you get a ceremony that is personal to you, meaningful and enjoyable to your family and friends, and delivered well.  Asked to Officiate has multiple products and services available to assist you .

Need a lot of help?

If you are starting from scratch in writing the wedding ceremony, our comprehensive workbook provides an easy to use 110 page ”instruction manual” that walks you, and your chosen friend or family member through the creation, and presentation, of a beautiful, meaningful, and personal wedding ceremony.  Shown in easy manageable pieces, and for each piece the workbook provides you with a large number of pre-written choices. You can literally cut and paste your ceremony together.

The workbook also has sections that cover everything from the legal questions you need to ask, to the logistical details that will make your wedding ceremony flow smoothly.

And, if this all still seems like too much work, you can have us write the wedding ceremony for you.  

For all your options, check out our available products and services.

Have an idea of what to do but still need a little help?

If you just need information on the structure of a ceremony and the how/why in regards to the pieces within the structure, purchase our Ceremony Creation Quick Guide. This downloadable guide includes almost all the ceremony creation information that is in our workbook (minus the pre-written pieces).

Or, maybe the ceremony writing part is easy or already done and all you really need to know is how to manage the logistical pieces such as standing, sitting, vows, ring exchange, etc.  In that case, we have you covered with our Ceremony Logistics Quick Guide. This downloadable guide includes most of the logistical details that are in our workbook and is guaranteed to help your Officiant direct the ceremony with ease.

For all your options, check out our available products and services.

Written by award-winning officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel

Bridal Bazaar - July 2013 - picture from HeidiophotoThe Asked to Officiate workbook and quick guides are indispensable tools written by award-winning wedding officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel who used her comprehensive knowledge and experience from officiating over 800 weddings to provide you a simple process for writing and presenting a wonderful wedding ceremony.  With well over a 250 5-star reviews from happy couples, Bethel wants your ceremony to be just as beautiful and meaningful as if she performed it.