27 Jun 2017
June 27, 2017

Complete Guide to Wedding Ceremony Vows – Now Available

Can your Officiant write vows for you? Well, I am sure they can, however, even if your Officiant is a close friend or family member, how personal are your wedding vows going to be, and how much will they really represent what you want to promise each other, if they were written by someone else. Many of us have been to weddings in which the Officiant asks the couple to make “lofty”, and not even really applicable, promises to each other and it makes you wonder, did they even really understand what they just said “I Do” to?

Vows, independent of whether they are read to each other or are questions asked by the Officiant, are usually the most personal part of a wedding ceremony and thus they really need to be written by you, the couple. And yes, I know it can be tough to figure out the how and the what to write for vows…thus, we are here to help!

Although we created a series of posts a couple years back covering ways to do vows, we have heard the call for a wedding ceremony vows guide that was more in-depth and contained a large number of samples, allowing you to pick and choose words that fit you and your relationship, or use the samples as a guide to writing your own personal vows. So, check it out – the Complete Guide to Writing Wedding Vows. This guide is available for immediate download, only $15, covers multiple ways you can do wedding vows, and even ways to combine them to make them most meaningful to you without introducing to much nervousness or stress.  Make your vows, and thus your entire ceremony, easier and more beautiful!

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