02 Feb 2017
February 2, 2017

Combining Common and Personal to Create a Unique Wedding Ceremony

When talking with couples about their wedding ceremony we always ask them if they have given some thought to their ceremony and if so, what have they imagined including in it and what have they imagined not including.  In the many answers we have received, there are plenty of, “we saw ____________ recently and we liked it” or, “we’ve seen ____________________ too many times so we definitely don’t want it”.   And since our thought is that the wedding ceremony should fit the couple, if they don’t want something, we plan not to include it and if they do want something, we plan to include it.   This is because to us a personal and meaningful ceremony doesn’t have to mean a completely custom ceremony. We know that the ceremony can still be beautiful, unique, and fit the couple, even when some pieces within the ceremony are popular and have been seen many times and other pieces are either custom or something rarely used.

There are so many beautiful readings, poems, lyrics, etc. that there is no need to completely recreate the wheel when creating a wedding ceremony.  This also applies to what we call additional ceremony components and one of my favorite examples is the Sand Ceremony.  The Sand Ceremony (combining of two jars of sand) has been used in many ceremonies and thus most people have seen it done a few times.  Yet, for couples with kids, or couples who love the beach, or many others, the symbolism of the pouring of the sand and accompanying words, and the take away piece that is a lifetime reminder of the wedding day are a perfect fit.  So yes, it is used often and yet it is still perfect for some couples.

When creating a wedding ceremony our opinion is that not everything in a ceremony needs to be completely unique as long as everything within the ceremony fits the couple; the Officiant includes some sort of personal stories piece (specific to that couple); and the ceremony flows well.

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