03 Aug 2017
August 3, 2017

Co-Officiating a Wedding Ceremony

We have recently received a few requests asking us to co-officiate a wedding ceremony and although very rare for us to do so in our business, I know it is something that happens in higher percentage among the DIY couples and those asking friends or family members to officiate.  If you are thinking about having two, or more, people co-officiate, here are a few of my thoughts and observations based on past experiences.

  • If you are having a professional Officiant co-officiate because you believe it is necessary for the legal part, good to confirm with your County Marriage License office what is necessary.  There are a few states that make it very tough to impossible for a friend or family member to make it legal but in every other state, there is usually a way and that way is usually relatively easy and inexpensive.
  • Communication between the couple and the multiple Officiants is so very important.  I have stressed in previous posts how critical it is that the Officiant and the couple communicate multiple times to make sure that they are on the same page as far as the wedding ceremony and everything is getting done on time and as planned.  When you add in another person, or two, this communication is even more critical since the co-officiants and the couple all have to be working together to not only create a ceremony that fits the couple but make sure the logistics of the ceremony flow and delivery are worked out.
  • If you want a friend or family member involved but also want a professional Officiant, possible to just have the friend or family member do a reading or two as part of the ceremony.   This gives them the honor of being a part of the wedding day but not the work and time, and pressure, that go along with creating the ceremony and co-officiating on the day of.

Co-officiating can be a great way to get multiple friends/family members involved, or get a friend or family member involved but take some of the pressure off by having a professional Officiant working to guide the process and do most of the “heavy lifting”.

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