22 Aug 2013
August 22, 2013

Additional Wedding Ceremony Products Coming

In the next few weeks, Asked to Officiate is expanding its line of products and services to complement the recently released comprehensive workbook.

When you have just asked or been asked to perform a wedding ceremony and you are starting from point A, our comprehensive workbook will easily guide you through every step of the process all the way to Z. However, what if you aren’t at point A or don’t need to know about every step of the process?

Well, with our new suite of ceremony products, we will have you covered.

• A downloadable quick guide to assist you in writing a wedding ceremony. This guide will cover the sections and structure of a wedding ceremony and provide you tips and best practices for putting them together.

• A downloadable quick guide to assist you in presenting a wedding ceremony. This guide is for those instances in which the ceremony is already written or is being written, however, you aren’t sure how to handle the logistical part of the ceremony. Includes tips and best practices for ring exchanges, procession, recession, etc.

• Ceremony writing services. For you when you don’t have the time or inclination to actually write the ceremony. This service will be offered at two levels. 1) A personalized ceremony which includes our standard ceremony pieces selected and assembled based on a few questions answered by the couple or, 2) a custom ceremony in which pieces will be written based on a more detailed worksheet filled out by the couple.

Choose any one of our products or services and I know it will be the least, and best, money spent in preparing your wedding. If you are interested in one of the new products being released soon, please e-mail us to get a special deal.

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