19 Mar 2015
March 19, 2015

A Great Wedding Ceremony Makes for a Great Party!

We truly believe that the wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the wedding day/evening.  If you have ever been to a wedding with a great ceremony, you know that you, and the other guests, went into the reception with such positive feelings of love and joy.   A great wedding ceremony starts the rest of the wedding festivities off on such a positive note.  

Also, the wedding ceremony sets the tone for how all the guests will see the couple’s relationship.  If the couple has a good mix of love and laughter, shouldn’t the ceremony reflect that instead of being boring and full of negative marriage advice?  If the couple is not religious, then shouldn’t the wedding ceremony have readings, quotes and other components which focus on how the couple feels about love and commitment instead of having religious focused content?   These are just a few examples but I think you get the point.   

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the first thing that needs to be done to get a ceremony that is representative of the couple is for the couple and the chosen officiant to sit down early on in the process and discuss the feel the couple wants for their ceremony.  In addition, the couple, if not writing the wedding ceremony, should see a partial ceremony draft at least a few weeks out from the ceremony to make sure that the words being said represent and fit them.   The draft being shown to the couple does not need to include personal stories, vows or other pieces that everyone wants to be kept secret until the special day but it should include pieces like the intro, readings and other content that is going to represent the couple.  Although it may seem like this will spoil the “surprise”, it doesn’t, and it actually helps the couple be more comfortable and excited for their wedding ceremony.

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