03 Apr 2015
April 3, 2015

Religious Expectations for the Non-Religious Couple

Last month, we did a blog post on incorporating the right amount of religion based on what the couple wants in from their wedding ceremony.  But what about a non-religious couple who has religious family?  In these cases, the discussion with the friend or family member performing the ceremony needs to center around what are the expectations of the family vs. what does the couple want the reality to be, in regards to both the amount and type of religious content in the wedding ceremony.

We have found that some couples want no religion, no matter what the expectation of their families, and that is fine since the ceremony should represent the couple.   However, if the couple wants or needs to meet at least of some of the expectations of their family, in regards to religious content in the ceremony, here are a couple of quick recommendations.

First, if the couple is not religious and/or does not want a religious tone to their wedding ceremony, but wants to incorporate a bit of religious content to satisfy others, put it early in the ceremony.  By putting it early, the family hears the words and feels the religious tone early on and it carries through the ceremony for them.  At the same time, putting it early also allows the feeling of the wedding ceremony to be taken from one of religious tone to one of love and commitment as the ceremony progresses.

Second, there are wonderful pieces that have the word God, are positive in tone, and are focused on love and commitment.  These pieces are usually a good compromise and allow for the couple to stay close to the feeling they want for the ceremony, while still satisfying the expectations of a religious family.

By picking the right piece(s) and putting them early, a families religious expectations can be satisfied within a mostly non-religious wedding ceremony.

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