09 Jun 2017
June 9, 2017

3 Ways to Deliver a Wedding Ceremony

One of the many important logistical details we discuss in our Asked to Officiate ceremony creation workbook is the “vehicle” you will use to assist you in delivering the wedding ceremony.  And no, I am not talking about the car you will drive to the wedding, I am talking about what you will read the ceremony from during the wedding.  Below are 3 “vehicle” options.

  1. If anyone reading this says they are just going to memorize the ceremony or just do it from an outline, please listen closely when I say, that is fine except don’t be stupid and bring the entire ceremony in some printed/written form anyway. I used to give presentations for work and yes, sometimes I would ad-lib parts of them because in that case, the exact words I said weren’t as important as the point I was trying to get across.  And if I missed saying something that was important, I could always follow up later.  In the case of a wedding ceremony, the exact words are very important and missing certain ones is not an option.  With all that can happen during a wedding ceremony; the importance of the day to the couple and their guests; and the emotion of the moment, it is a very tough thing to memorize an entire ceremony…and no matter how much you want to, you can’t just stop the ceremony, reset everyone and yell, “take 2”.
  2. You can print the ceremony out and put it in a binder or some other folder. This is the option that we used when we first started and it is a perfectly fine option.  A couple things I do recommend if you are doing it this way.  Have a back-up copy somewhere accessible.  Could be another printed copy that you have someone else bring or you could have the ceremony as an easily accessible electronic file.  You just want to be able to get to a copy of it quickly if something should happen to the original.  And, if you use a binder, we recommend black for the color of the binder.  White, although it would seem fine, reflects light from the sun and/or flashes and “brighter” colors will stand out too much in pictures.
  3. You can read it from an electronic device. We now do our ceremonies from an iPad.  Very similar to if you are reading a printed copy, make sure you have a back-up option that is easily accessible.  We put the ceremony file in a file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox) and know that we can read it off our phones or another mobile device should our iPad stop working.  You could also bring a printed version and leave it in your car as a back-up option.   And similar to reading the wedding ceremony out of a binder, the back of your electronic device should be a neutral color like black or grey/silver.   White or some crazy pink is going to stand out in pictures so try not to be “that one”.  Oh, and note that in direct sunlight some tablets are tough to read so make sure you do some pre-wedding day testing.

As with everything else around delivering a wedding ceremony, the key is to be over prepared and over informed.   No need to leave anything to chance on such an important day and one that you can’t redo.

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