13 Sep 2017
September 13, 2017

3 Ways Family & Friends Can Participate in Wedding Ceremony

When creating their wedding ceremony, many couples ask about ways to get their family, friends, or in some cases, all their guests involved in the wedding ceremony, and we love it when they do.  We believe that finding ways to make as many guests as possible participants vs. just witnesses only increases the beauty and meaning of the ceremony.  Independent of whether a hired officiant, or a family member or friend who has been asked to perform the wedding ceremony, here are 3 ways to involve wedding guests beyond just having them be part of the wedding party.

  1. Some sort of family/friends blessing.  This is a very easy way to get guests involved and is done as a small piece (reading) in which the officiant performing the ceremony explains the importance and honor of the family and friends, to the couple, and then asks a question, or multiple questions, of support to the guests and the guests answer in unison (similar to the end of aisle question).  This is one of the easiest ways to get guests involved since it does not require any “additional” logistics before or within the ceremony.
  2. Some sort of ceremony or traditional component that involves all guests.  For example, a ring warming or stone blessing are both ceremony components that can be added to the ceremony.  The wording for these is usually around how honored and blessed the couple is to have such great friends and family who have come out to support them and they wanted include their community in their wedding ceremony in a personal way.  More logistics than a family/friends blessing but usually not too much.
  3. If the couple is wanting to honor specific guests during the wedding ceremony, the officiant can invite an individual or two up to do a reading during the ceremony, or someone can even be asked to sing during the procession or recession. There are also traditional ceremony components such as a hand fasting, sand ceremony, or wine blending, which can be added to the wedding ceremony and involve small groups of people. These can be done when the couple wants to involve parents, grandparents, kids from a previous marriage, etc.   Usually these require people to come up during the ceremony and the couple to “move” so the logistics are a bit more involved.

These are a few of the ways we use in taking wedding guests from witnesses to participants and even if only in a small way, they increase the meaningfulness of the wedding ceremony for everyone.  And as an added plus, they make the ceremony more engaging vs. just an Officiant talking.   We know that it is not for every couple and some couples don’t need or want the guests involved but if requested, know that having guests involved in the wedding ceremony is worth the extra effort.  To learn more details and additional ways to involve guests in the ceremony, and have access to some pre-written pieces, check out our Asked to Officiate products available here.

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